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Interforme Interlinings has been in business for over 25 years, we specialize in canvas fronts and chest pieces for men’s tailored garments. However, over the years the company has branched out into other trims and commodities in ready to wear and outerwear. That includes sleeve heads, cotton tapes, shoulder pads, felts, under collars, woven fusing, non-woven fusing and we also offer a variety of embroidery backings.

Interforme Interlinings represents an Italian mill which manufactures the finest interlinings. Cervotesille, which has been in business since 1815, offers a multitude of superior linings and pocketing. We also carry the FVL waistband collection, which is crafted using Cervotesille’s pocketing. Interforme’s  production facilities  in China  and Romania  provides quality and good service around the world.  We can offer global trim packages and service our customers anywhere in the world.

Our company has an eye for perfection and best quality is always guaranteed. We look forward to introducing our product assortment at your earliest convenience.

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